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Leverage your CRM data to inform decision making and drive engagement.

We help nonprofits use data to increase engagement.

Break down departmental silos by turning donor, volunteer, and advocate reports into a more holistic view of how supporters interact with your organization.

Make strategic business decisions

We start with long term solutions and build scalable frameworks. 

Increase constituent engagement

Explore how your constituents engage with your organization. 

Improve your trust in your data

With an emphasis on quality, we help our clients trust their data.

We take a "why"-first approach to solving problems.

It starts with systems thinking.

Before building or automating, we address the root issue to create a resilient technology solution. 

Hear from our clients.

Nonprofit work forms the core of our background. We specialize in working with organizations who focus on recreation and conservation.

"In under a year, Pedal Lucid transformed our organization...

...equipping us with an incredible new tool that allows us to more strategically fundraise, share more meaningful and powerful data with funders and partners, evaluate the impacts and finances associated with our programs, and do all of this with a simple interface that our team trusts and understands!"

Rochelle Bellin

Associate Director, Just Roots

"Working with Pedal Lucid was fantastic.

They showed us new ways to use the data that we've collected over the years to transform it from stagnant information to useful and actionable, helping us to drastically improve our outreach, membership and marketing efforts."

Jenny Estes

Development Director, Idaho Conservation League

"Pedal Lucid helped Adventure Cycling make multiple, simultaneous technical transitions in a very short time period.

Their project management moved along stalled decisions, tough compromises and unique technical features. Would 100% recommend for any nonprofit going through change management."

Nicky Bailey

VP of People and Operations

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